Driven by humanist values, Oursin fleurs wishes to offer its customers green alternatives to make their environment flourish. Our mission is to make the natural beauty of flowers accessible, to transmit the happiness we have in working with all the generosity and poetry of nature.


Self-taught, Julie's path crossed flowers through the world of wine and cinema, always seeking to develop her senses.

Having grown up surrounded by nature, she likes to surround herself with greenery even in the heart of the city. She has several secret tillers in her adopted neighborhood, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

It was at the end of one of his walks, part of gleaning from the harvest of pieces of nature, that the idea of ​​creating Oursin flowers was born. By creating small bouquets, which she offers left and right, she discovers the power of giving flowers. Since then, Oursin flowers has allowed him to participate in creating magical moments in people's lives and to be able to offer green alternatives to his customers.

photo © Olivier Clertant


Our arrivals are those of the moment and change every week. We will always favor local flowers, at any time of the year. In winter, we have Canadian flowers produced in greenhouses. And as soon as the beautiful season arrives, we like to present our flowers from the beautiful farms of Quebec. In store, each of our flowers are identified by their origin. More and more grocery stores are doing it, why not a florist?

Through all stages, from the purchase of raw materials to delivery, our offer is designed to limit our ecological footprint.

Our choice of having only one bouquet style per week allows us to keep our losses as low as possible #zerodechet. In addition, we offer the revaluation of our used materials, dried flower bouquets, petal confetti, etc.

Our packaging does not contain any petroleum-derived products and is made from recyclable or compostable materials.

We favor the short circuit. Our suppliers are chosen wisely to be able to offer our customers local flowers. In addition to encouraging local farms to adopt green practices, we work with unique flowers that are not easily available through international sourcing.

We want to create memorable experiences with every bouquet and we always demand the best for our customers. A personalized approach, attentive service, generous smiles. Our employees are passionate and are fully committed to transmitting the values ​​of Oursin fleurs.