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Biscuits Bonheur Choco-Rhum - Fays - Oursin fleurs
Biscuits Bonheur Choco-Rhum - Fays - Oursin fleurs


Ideal to accompany your bouquet ! Sweet treats made here by FAYS to delight your dads.

These spiced Bonheur Choco-Rhum biscuits are made up of two chocolate biscuits which frame a spiced dark rum caramel*, all generously coated with premium dark chocolate.

Details :

The (scientific!) origin of the Bonheur biscuit :
This creation by FAYS was born from a whim of the chocolatier who, one good morning, improvised a small decadent sandwich from a surplus of caramel and two P'tits Gonflés biscuits. After the success of a first edition created for Valentine's Day, the team chose to renew these morning experiments, with the very serious mission of triggering new love at first sight!

*Chic-Choc Rum, created by Spiritueux Ungava , a Quebec producer of premium artisanal spirits located in Cowansville.

GLUTEN FREE (may contain traces)
Contains: Milk, nuts, soy, almond
May contain: Wheat, sesame

Packaging: Box of 4
Freshness date: 6 months
Weight: 4 biscuits of 45 g